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Starting Again


Lately I have had the urge to set up a blog again. Not being one to keep up with blogging, my first couple of attempts went dry pretty quickly and postings would be far and few between. But, I have taken up a few new interests and I thought that might motivate me to post more often.

What I’ll post about are my new crafting interests and other things I like….mostly vintage items and books.

I have a few things in the fire and card making is one of my new interests. I find enjoyment working with my hands and making cards feels like a natural companion to working with my graphics programs, digital images, layers and textures. Card making came to the forefront first because there were occasions where I could practice the craft and give my creations to loved ones.

I can pretty much blame my new found crafting interests on pinterest and all the pinners who pin such beautiful, interesting and inspiring content. Being a DIY I had to find out how people were making all the beautiful things I was seeing. Next came watching youtube tutorials generously posted by folks wanting to share.

Lately I have been in the ‘gathering’ mode for essential supplies. My sister recognized this gathering phase in me with my latest packages to arrive. LOL. One gatherer recognises another. Other family members wonder why on earth I want them to save empty soda cans, cardboard backs from pads of paper and packaging materials that include brown craft paper or clear plastic that I can cut into usable flat sections. Paper crafting, scrapbooking, card making is nothing new and I am late in arriving to this wonderful scene. The bug has bit and I’m looking at everything with a new eye.

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